Meet Lynne, or AwesomismMom. She is a Mom on an Awesomism Mission. Lynne proves in this interview that a Mother's Love is the strongest love there is! Her son has autism. Here is her story. Grab tissues, I cried through a lot of this!

Meet Cyndi Waters, a close friend as well as an entrepreneur with Younique. Her mission is to help women across the world to realize and chase their dreams as well as help them gain confidence. Her motto is "Be you. Be true. Be Extra. Cyndi also helps me with an issue I have, you will hear all about it in this interview! BeExtraWithCyndi can be found here:, and a VIP.

Ally's Attic Show

You never know what kind of surprises you will find in Ally's Attic!

Ally's Attic Show

Kristi Richardson has been on my show before and will continue to be!! Kristi is a special needs Mom and my wealth of information for ADHD. Kristi has now released a book "Making Sense of Munchkin". It deals with methods on how to calm your child and understanding them and what they are going through. You can purchase her book on Amazon: and Kindle: You can also visit her website:

This is where all conversations with Non Profit, Humanitarian and Small Business are. Grab a coffee and take a listen!