Ally's Attic Show

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Faith and Harry have been performing since they were both 3 1/2! Now 13 and 11 they are phenomenal!! Both play various instruments and are now writing songs! They also raise money to support music programs for kids and visit with them to encourage them to be involved in music, just for fun! Faith and Harry are also youth advocates for Free To Love, which is an anti-bullying movement, find out more about that on their website!! During the month of October, when it's international music week, Faith & Harry will be collaborating with other celebrity musicians to bring their project, #letsmakemusic 2018, to make music in the park at 5 international cities during the month of October! They'll be in London, New York, Washington, Paris, Berlin and Mexico City. All events are free and registration will be open in September 2018 to get your spot! Amazing people and I'm a huge fan! Find out more by visiting their

Ally's Attic Show

You never know what kind of surprises you will find in Ally's Attic!

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I'm sure many will agree when I say it is so fantastic that Jon Magnusson is now focusing on his talent as a musician! Jon's music and lyrics are beautiful and a mix of folk, rock, punk and also a bit jazzy. You can find his music online as well as his website:

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