Here is the latest single by Saskatchewan's Killjoy!! Make sure you check out their YouTube channel!!

Here is the latest single by Ben Barbic! It is gold!! Check out his website at

  • All I Need3:08

  • Cipher3:19

Here is the latest single from Operation Neptune Spear! It will make you "bang your head"! Make sure you purchase it online!! It's fantastic!

  • It's What I Like About U2:24

  • One by One (Clean Version).mp32:57

Ally's Attic Show

You never know what kind of surprises you will find in Ally's Attic!

Welcome to Ally's Odds and Ends. This is where new material will be put up from artists that have been on my show. So please, send me your new stuff via Twitter or my email and I will put it up here!

Ally's Attic Show

Jason Kirkness is my hometown rising Country Star from right here in Manitoba! He has been on my show twice and is so talented! This is Jason's latest single, It's What I Like About U. You are going to fall in love with his voice and the words of this song! Keep rising Jason. Check him out on his website: